Marco Caggiano


Graduated in automation engineering in July 2012 at the University of Roma Tor Vergata.
Interested in technology, automation, control systems, robotics and also in home and building automation.

Curriculum Vitae


I studied in the University of Salerno for three years where I got a Bachelor Degree in computer engineering. After I went to study in Rome where I graduated in Automation Engineering.

In february 2011 I went to Spain to study at the University of Santander for the Erasmus project with the duration of seven months.

During my academic years I studied control systems, optimal control, automation and industrial robotics. In Spain I worked with PLC, data acquisition boards and devices for process control. I also know programming languages like C++, Java, Visual Basic, SQL and languages for web programming like PHP, JSP, HTML, CSS.

I worked with Info Solution Spa to develop my thesis that deals with Gestures Recognition for domotic applications using 3D vision sensor.
I worked with sensors Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion PRO LIVE.
I wrote a program in C++ for recognizing users and their poses and gestures to control an home automation system. I used the Kalman Filter to improve the recognition and the data coming from the sensor that are very noisy.

I’m a very determined person and when I have a target to reach I invest all my energies in it.
I like propose new ideas and solutions. I have interest in technology, home and building automation and I like develop websites.

My hobby is playing football since I was ten years old.
I also have a personal website that I’m still developing.

Portfolio of skills